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common problem

Q: What is the meaning of various inventory statuses? How long can the order be shipped?
A: Spot: Stocks are available, you will ship as soon as you place orders, and you can place orders immediately;
In transit: The goods are being picked up internally, usually within 1-2 days, you can place an order immediately;
Reservations: The goods are in stock, generally 2-20 days after the order can be shipped, you can immediately place an order;
No goods: The goods have been sold out. Users in the areas covered by the corresponding logistics centers cannot purchase orders.
Q: When will no goods arrive?
A: The arrival time of non-merchandise products varies according to the picking situation and cannot be accurately estimated. However, you can use the “arrival notice” function. Once the goods are in stock, we will notify you by e-mail.
Q: When can I receive the goods after order?
A: In the event that the goods are in stock, the goods can be received within 24 hours after the order is placed (suburban county delivery time may be longer);
Users in other regions will be different depending on your shipping address and the selected delivery method. The general delivery time is 1-7 days (delivery time in very remote areas may be longer);
If the product is on the order or in transit, then the allocation time should also be added.
Q: What is the courier fee?
A: Any member who chooses “iWebShop Website Express” or “Express Delivery” can enjoy free shipping discount.
Q: Which bank cards are supported for online payment? can pay big?
A: We provide you with almost all of your bank's bank card and credit card online payment. As long as you have opened the "online payment" function, you can make online payment without any fees, real-time arrival, convenient and quick. (If the customer cancels the order refund, the customer will need to pay 1% of the platform fee.) If you have a large order amount, you can use the quick cash payment for China Merchants Bank, ICBC, CCB, ABC, and GF to make a one-off payment (a Ten thousand yuan below).
Q: Does shopping on the iWebShop website support credit card installments? how to apply?
A: The iWebShop website currently supports Chinese banks, China Merchants Bank's two bank credit card installments, as long as the unit price of goods is more than 500 yuan, you can click the "credit card installment" button to apply for installment payment
Q: Does home delivery and cash on delivery support card swiping? Weekends from mentioning it?
A: All iWebShop websites support cash and credit card payments. Most cash on delivery areas support cash and credit card payments.
The iWebShop website will be open for business from Monday to Sunday, 09:00 to 19:00 (in case of statutory holidays, the mall news bulletin shall prevail).
Q: Can I specify the delivery time when ordering?
A: Yes, you can choose to "delivery only on weekdays (no weekends, no holidays)", "delivery on weekdays, weekends and holidays", "only weekends, holiday delivery (no need to send on workdays) )" Wait for the time type and choose whether to confirm by telephone in advance.
In addition, you can fill out more specific requirements in the order notes, and we will try to meet your requirements.
Q: Which regions support cash on delivery?
A: The iWebShop website has opened cash on delivery in many provinces and cities (other cities are opening one after another). You can use cash and mobile POS machines to pay for goods in person.
Q: Can I reject the problem when I receive the goods?
A: If the goods are found damaged during the receipt of the goods, please directly reject the goods and return them to our company. The relevant personnel will reschedule the shipment for you.
Q: If I have just lowered the price of a single item, will I be able to compensate?
A: The price of commodities on the iWebShop website will change every day with price fluctuations, price cuts or concessions. If the price has changed after placing an order, please go to "My iWebShop Website" to apply for price protection
Q: What can I do after the order is placed?
A: If it is an online payment method, please complete the payment as soon as possible, and we will ship it to you immediately after the payment is confirmed.
If you choose to mention or pay, you can go to "My iWebShop website", find your order in the "order list", and then you can check the status of the order processing at any time, ready to receive goods or home from the preparation.
After you have successfully shopped, you can also post product reviews and share product usage tips with other users.
Q: Why can't I login to the mall?
A: First, check whether your user name and password are correct, and check whether your browser supports COOKIE.
Q: How to guarantee the product?
A: The goods sold by the iWebShop website are subject to the warranty promise in the product description.
Q: What should I do after the order is confirmed?
A: According to the actual remittance amount indicated in the order, remittance to the company account where the order is located. After the remittance transaction is successful, log in to “My iWebShop Website” to view your order and enter your “Remittance Remarks” in the order. Relevant remittance information (such as: remittance bank, actual amount of remittance into our bank account number, remittance date and remittance account number, order number, etc.), waiting for our financial staff to confirm remittance.
Q: How long after confirmation of remittance can the goods be issued?
A: Under normal circumstances, your goods can be sent within 24-48 hours of working hours.
Q: Can non-product quality problems be returned?
A: Some products can be returned for processing without affecting the secondary sales. Please refer to the “Return Policy” for details.