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if you have ordered digital, mobile, home appliances, iWebShop website can only invoice the contents of the name and model of the product
(1) Fill-up/re-invoicing period: Within one year after order is shipped
(2) If you did not choose the invoice when submitting the order, please send the email to the customer service email service@cs.dangdang.com within the compensation invoice period, and indicate your order number, invoice header, invoice contents. , mailing address, zip code and addressee, we will invoice you within 5 working days and send it to you in plain letters.
(3) If the invoice information you received is incorrect, please send the original invoice to the following address within the period of exchange for invoicing, and be sure to indicate your order number, the correct invoice header, the contents, and the new invoice. Address, zip code, and addressee, we will re-issue your invoice within five working days and send it by regular mail.
Mailing address: ***** mail box, postcode: 000000
(1)If you order digital, mobile, home appliance products, the invoice contents can only be issued with the product name and model name, and other contents cannot be issued.
(2) If you order merchandise on the mall, please contact the merchant for an invoice