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First, the account balance payment:
1. "My iWebShop Website - Account Management" is your dedicated account on the iWebShop website.
2. The amount in the account is the sum of the remaining cash after the customer's shopping on the iWebShop website or the excess remittance through the post office or bank, as shown below:
3, you can log in "My iWebShop website" to check the balance.
4. When the order is settled, the system will automatically use your account balance, you only need to pay the rest of the money:
5. If your account balance is enough to pay for the order, you still need to choose a payment method, otherwise you will not be able to submit the order.
Second, withdrawal of account balance
The iWebShop website provides you with an account balance withdrawal feature. You can extract the available balance from your iWebShop website account balance as cash, and we will refund it to you via the post office remittance method.
The process of withdrawal of account balances:
1. Cash in the account balance can only be withdrawn by way of post office remittance;
2, the number of daily withdrawals does not exceed 1;
3. To withdraw the balance of the account, a certain percentage of the handling fee must be paid to the post office: 2 yuan for 200 yuan or less, 1% for 200 yuan or more, and no more than 50 yuan;
4. The account balance withdrawal service does not support foreign countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions temporarily;
5. If your withdrawal fails, the post office will not return the corresponding fee;
6. The withdrawal amount cannot be greater than the available balance;
7. After applying for withdrawal, the processing time limit of iWebShop website is 3 working days, and the processing time limit of the post office is 14 working days;
8. Reasons for common withdrawal failures: 1) overdue refund; 2) address is unknown; 3) the original address check this person