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1. The outer package of the product and the product itself is not damaged, and the original quality of the iWebShop website is maintained;
2, indicate the reason for the return, if the product has quality problems, please be sure to explain;
3, to ensure that goods and accessories, supplies or gifts, warranty cards, three packs of vouchers, invoices, iWebShop website delivery list is complete;
4. If there is a quality problem in some of the commodities in the package, a complete set of goods must be provided when returning the product;
5. Some of the products on the iWebShop website are provided by merchants who sign contracts with the iWebShop website. Please contact the merchants for return of these products.
The following conditions are not for returns:
1. Any product not sold by the iWebShop website;
2. Any used merchandise, except for quality issues;
3. Any product that causes quality problems due to abnormal use and storage.