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inspection and receipt

Express delivery, Yuantong Express orders
1, check carefully at the time of receipt: goods and accessories, quantity of goods, iWebShop website delivery list, invoice (if any), three packs of voucher (if any), etc.
2. If there are any factors such as damaged packaging, merchandise errors, low product, surface quality problems, etc., please be sure to explain the situation to the delivery person and return the whole order on the spot.
Post office order
1, please be careful to open the package, so as to avoid sharp objects damage to the package of goods
2, carefully check the receipt: goods and accessories, the number of goods, iWebShop website delivery list, invoices (if any), three packs of evidence (if any), etc.
3. If the package is damaged, the product is wrong, the product is less, the product has surface quality problems, etc., you can choose to return the entire order; or ask the post office to issue the relevant certificate and sign it, and then visit the iWebShop website to apply for a return or apply for a replacement.
1. When the cash on delivery order arrives, please verify the goods and payment with the delivery person in person to ensure that the payment is correct; if the payment is found to be wrong afterwards, the iWebShop website will not be able to handle it for you.
2, please check carefully when receiving goods, if you or your client has signed, then the order goods are correct and there is no impact on the use of factors, iWebShop website has the right not to accept damage due to packaging or merchandise, goods missed, Return and replacement application for product surface quality problems, goods incidental gifts and gifts
3, some of the goods provided by the merchants of the mall, this part of the goods inspection and acceptance is not within the scope of iWebShop website commitment