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Bank wire transfer

1. Please specify your order number in the “Remittance Use” field of the wire transfer order. Bank transfer will usually take 2~3 working days. We will deliver the goods for you on the day after payment. Otherwise we cannot verify the audit in time, which will delay your shipment.
2. Use bank wire to pay, please be sure to pay within 3*24 hours, overtime orders will be automatically voided.
3. If some bank branches cannot provide the order number, please contact us after remittance.
Bank wire account information:
Bank account information
Industrial and Commercial Bank Account Name: ***** Co., Ltd.
Bank: ICBC ***** Branch
Account Number: 1001*****
Construction Bank Account Name: ***** Co., Ltd.
Bank: Construction Bank ***** Branch
Account Number: 3100*****
China Merchants Bank Account Name:*****Company Limited
Bank: China Merchants Bank ***** Branch
Account number: 1219*****
Bank of Communications Account Name: ***** Co., Ltd.
Bank: Bank of Communications ***** Branch
Account Number: 3100*****
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