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Order state

A new order of an iWebShop website will go through various orders from the time of placing an order to the completion of an order. We will display various statuses on the order details page. We hope that in this way you can better understand the order status and keep track of the order status. Dispel doubts and complete shopping successfully. The following is a brief description of the order status:
Waiting for payment: If you choose "pay online," "bank transfer," "post office remittance," "company transfer," "instalment payment," "college-pay," and "university-agent advance," which are paid successfully. Prior to financial confirmation, the order status will be displayed as waiting for payment;
Picking: This status indicates that the iWebShop website is picking up your order, including 5 sub-states
1) Print: Print your ordered product into a single order for the picker to pick up the goods
2) Outbound: The warehouse clerk finds the product you ordered and out of the warehouse
3) Scanning: The scanner scans your ordered product and confirms that the product has successfully delivered
4) Packing: The packer will put the goods you ordered into the package for transportation
5) Delivery: The delivery person will ship your package shipment
iWebShop website delivery: Your order has been shipped and is being shipped
Receiving and confirming: The goods have been issued for a period of time, if you have received the goods you can click the confirmation button to confirm
Home delivery: This status indicates that the product you ordered has been sent to the corresponding self-collection point. Please pick up the goods as soon as possible.
Completed: The transaction has been completed and I hope to get your satisfaction
Locked: If you have modified the order without successful modification, the system will automatically lock your order. You can click "Unlock Order" in the operation bar on the order list page to restore the order back to normal.
Orders to be reviewed: This status indicates that some of the products you ordered are out of stock. The iWebShop website is required to prepare the goods before the order returns to normal. In this state, please do not perform the payment operation, so as to avoid the goods can not be prepared and occupy your Payment