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iWebShop website trading terms
The contract between iWebShop website and you
1. iWebShop website will do its best to ensure that the goods you have purchased are the same as the prices published on the website, but the price lists and statements do not constitute an offer. The iWebShop website reserves the right to withdraw unilaterally when it discovers obvious errors or out-of-stock products and orders appearing on its website. (See related articles below).
The iWebShop website reserves the right to limit the number of product orders. While placing your order, you also acknowledge that you have the ability and ability to purchase these products, and you are responsible for the authenticity of all the information you provide in your order.
2. Price changes and out of stock
Product prices and availability are specified on the iWebShop website. Such information is subject to change without any notice. The price of the goods includes VAT. The delivery fee will be settled separately, depending on the delivery method you choose. If an unexpected situation occurs, after confirming your order, you have the right to cancel your order due to price increase by the supplier, changes in the price due to tax changes, or due to errors in the website, etc., and you are entitled to cancel your order and hope you The iWebShop Customer Service Department can be notified by e-mail or telephone.
You have the right to cancel your order if you are out of stock.
3. Mail/SMS service
The iWebShop website reserves the right to inform services such as the registration of this website, order information sent by shoppers, and promotional activities in the form of emails and text messages. If you register and shop on the iWebShop website, you have implicitly consented to this service.
If you do not wish to receive e-mails from the iWebShop website, please enter your e-mail address under the e-mail to complete the self-service withdrawal.
If you do not wish to receive text messages from iWebShop, please provide your mobile number to contact customer service.